😂EmojiWorks Keyboard for iOS devices, Mac and Windows.

Greeting Gageteers!!

It’s me again, Tech Life Guru and I came to talk about a nice little Bluetooth keyboard I’ve come across.  It’s from a company called EmojiWorks and you can find them here COOL KEYBOARDS. There’s two versions of the keyboard and the price tag on each one is a bit steep compared to some wireless keyboards. Then again there’s emoji here. But you can check em out here for a few bucks cheaper Standard EmojiWorks keyboard and Pro EmojiWorks keyboard. It feels pretty good while using it, it’s light but not cheap feeling. I actually did a video review and I’ll post the link a little further below after I tell you guys why I came to write about this keyboard. 

The video was pretty much an unboxing and quick demo of the basics and you can see that right here 👉 Basic usage of EmojiWorks keyboard. After a bit more time with the keyboard, (standard version). I’ve found a few more shortcuts and functions. I mentioned standard because there’s quite a difference between the two. The standard version contains one emoji per key where the pro version has three emoji per key. That’s also where the price tag differs as well. You can read about the two in more detail and possibly order one via the links I provided above. 

Now let’s talk about the setup and pairing. They send you to a website from whatever device you are pairing with the keyboard and tell you how to set it up. But it’s just a Bluetooth keyboard, right? Yes and no. When connecting it to an iPad or iPhone you must get involved with iCloud and passwords and deleting stuff and the whole nine! 😒 

Simply connecting Bluetooth will give it a regular wireless keyboard experience. Just typing. No emoji.  Depending on how much you type while stationary from mobile devices and how often you abuse emoji…its good for the price. I’m still not really convinced about the pro version though. I don’t think I use emoji THAT much lol. It comes in handy for me and my iPad just because I write a lot of product reviews while on the go. I write everything from my iPad and iPhone so this was definitely a welcomed addition to my “techllection”. I’m actually blogging from the EmojiWorks keyboard right now as a matter of fact at my desk in my makeshift office in the warehouse that I work in, lol.  

I’ll leave it like this…if you can spare a few bucks on some medium ranged tech, go ahead and get you one. If not, that’s cool too. I’m just here to tell you a little about this keyboard that I find pretty useful and fun at the same time. 

Thanks for reading fellow Gadgeteeras!!

Until next time…


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