This Amazing iPhone 6s metal and leather case!!

  Greetings Gadgeteers!! 
It’s me again, Tech Life Guru and I just wanna drop my Amazon review about this dope case on y’all! That’s how much I like it! Check out some of my other reviews to if y’all ever get bored online watching fights and twerk videos! Lol j/k, but seriously…check me out some time! Amazon Top Reviewer

Here’s my story… 

When I recieved this case I thought it was broken. When I took it out of the box I noticed the corner was cracked/opened. I was ready to return it until I looked a bit closer and noticed it was some kind of mechanism and viola!, it’s a clasp. I thought it was for a wrist strap initially, but it wasn’t.
My experiences with metal bumpers around any phone has given me signal issues and that’s what makes this case so different from the others that I’ve used. This one has holes around the bumper on each side right were the antenna wraps around my iPhone’s back on top and bottom. Therefore the antenna is exposed through the actual metal. My speed tests have been pretty normal and actual usage speed is the same with or without the case on.
It was a bit tricky the first time getting the bumper and back piece put on to create the actual case. The back piece is hard plastic on the inside and leather on the side that’s exposed. A real leather back that looks and feels awesome. Lining everything up and snapping the clasp was very tricky at first lol. This case is just amazing and it’s design is great. It curves on all sides except where you lock it at, it’s flat at the bottom right there.
The included stylus is a plus and it’s connected to a plastic 3.5 headphone jack replica to store in the headphone jack. It just hangs there. At least it’s not mandatory to be there. I have it hanging out right now as I type this review lol.
The buttons are in the case, but not really part of the case. They’re held in place by a super thin felt like material inside the metal frame which also protects the phone from metal to metal contact. No scratches. Haven’t wrote this much about case in a long time!! The cutouts allow me to use my 3rd party accessories also. It just gets better and better so I’m gonna just leave it at this…I received this product in exchange for my honest review and everyone loves it!! I love it!! I feel like I should pay something it’s so decent!!! I recommend this case. I really do.

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