Amazon…To Review or Not to Review?

Greetings Gadgeteers!! It’s me again Tech Life Guru and I just wanted to tell you all about my latest experiences with Amazon and being a product reviewer. A lot of you may know that I write reviews for sellers of products on Amazon’s website. I don’t find the sellers on the site and I don’t beg for products. I go through legitimate channels and I obtain products for a discount or free of charge in exchange for my honest review. I think I’m pretty good at what I do considering the amount of sellers that reach out to me for product reviews. It’s not always a positive experience either. 

It’s been about three months since I’ve been on the product review scene pretty heavy and it’s time consuming, but I enjoy it. I enjoy free products. I enjoy helping people make a choice and I enjoy helping sellers get their products sold…if they’re worthy of being sold. I say that because sometimes a product may not be the best the first time around. What do I do now? I contact the seller and alert them of the issue, ask if they want the item returned and most of the time they say keep it and they’ll ship me out an improved product. Cool. Second time should be good, right? Right! Well sometimes it doesn’t work out that way and that’s when I leave my review and publicly explain what’s going on with it. 

Then you have the products that you review and some short time after the review by no fault of your own, there may be a mishap with the product. What do I do now? If it wasn’t you my fault, I edit my review and explain what happened. Last item I had that did that was tablet with a screen that was ready to crack with the lightest touch. I changed my review and alerted the seller of the issue. Simple as that. I never write positve reviews for inferior products. 

Now about a week ago Amazon decides that I’m no longer allowed to review products. Free, discounted or purchased. They deleted (suppressed, so they say) all of my reviews without out warning. Yup. Every single one of my reviews were completely wiped from My Amazon Profile, once again with not one warning about this “violation” of mine that occurred. I really can’t figure out what I did. I actually use and review the products that I receive. I state that the item was either free or discounted as posted in the review guidelines. 

Here’s what really gets me. I test the product out and then I write my review. My reviews include pictures and details about what I like and dislike. Some reviews are written faster than others depending on what it is and how it’s to be used.  Where’s the violation? Too many reviews? They can’t tell by my orders, the amount of bad products that I DIDN’T review??  

What about the all the reviews by people with 1 sentence and no pictures? Yet all their disclosures state free or discounted. How you know if they really used the product? Reviewed it? I had a bit over 100 reviews and these people have thousands. But I “violated” the review guidelines? 

In the end I just feel bad for the sellers that will not be able to get a review on the last few products I’ve been receiving. I can only ask if they would like the product returned. No big deal if that’s the case. I just want to be told the specific thing that I did in order for my reviews to be dismissed. Well, Amazon? 

Thanks for reading Gadgeteers!

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17 thoughts on “Amazon…To Review or Not to Review?

  1. What may have happened was one of your sellers didn’t like a review on one of the said inferior products and figured they would notify Amazon for administrative action.

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      1. Yeah. Which is weird when they have their own discounted amazon reviewer shopping group where it helps their sellers with reviews plus by law u have to disclose that u recieved item for free or a discount in exchange for review by” ftc i believe thats who made it a legal requirement”


      2. They don’t allow me to review anything that was discounted. Sellers are offering me a 100% refund after purchasing and reviewing their items. That’s a bit iffy. I don’t know who to reall trust like that because the want to repay me via PayPal.

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  2. I gave up on Amazon. I had prime membership and never used the prime shipping, watching movies or any other things that came with prime membership. So I will keep my $12 a month they were getting for nothing!


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